Is the industry’s most efficient, reliable, and cost effective automated video content logging and monitoring system.

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Cable placing and winching equipment, polyethylene duct, pull tapes, chemicals, and other accessories. HDPE pipe, duct and conduit, innerduct, drop-in duct, cable-in-conduit.

Current Manufacturer Line Card 

Hunter Platform, I-Scout Platform, F-Scout Platform and QAM Snare next generation diagnostic tools.

Specializing in Cable Equipment Repair. Emergency Service on site available.

UCrypt® Line of products enables decryption of multiple HD and SD programs via cable card and outputs content in either ‘clear’ or Pro:Idiom® encrypted format. DVIS = Digital Insertion, Digimax drop amps and passives, MAXnet headend management systems, Headend and drop amplifiers.

EAS systems. Audio and video switches, timers and accessories.

A value added Distributor for the Communications Industry. Focus is on superior customer service and products.

State of the art cable locating test equipment. Pipe and underground cable locating.

Fiber optic cables including a broad variety of central-tube and loose-tube cable designs for the outside plant and innovative line of cables and cordage for the premises application. Complete line of FiTel fusion splicers.

An extensive portfolio of innovative, high-quality, value-packed test and measurement solutions to communications service providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide featuring the award winning DS2800.

The world’s leading manufacturer of cable pulling lubes, cleaners, sealants, and MRO & construction chemicals.

Electrical Connectors and Accessories, AC and DC plant.

State of the art cable fault locating test equipment. Metallic TDRs for all applications.

Metal and plastic enclosures and accessories, sealants, construction and installation materials. Uninterruptible line power supplies and batteries.

Three-piece and two-piece trunk and distribution connectors, performance adapters, theft proof terminators and drop connectors including the UltraEase™.